How Our Products Help Reduce Carbon Emissions

Designed to be more lightweight and longer lasting.

Most of our sunglasses are designed with our TR90 based FlexCore™ Polymer to be robust, lightweight, and durable to guarantee longevity. Most of the carbon footprint of eyewear products comes from transport and logistics, so creating longer lasting products is pivotal in limiting our impact on the environment. Buying only a few pairs of longer lasting sunglasses stops the creation and transport of multiple shorter lived pairs, which ultimately limits carbon emissions associated with the product and transport of those products.

Our products are made from plastic, and that's bad, right?

Plastic gets a bad reputation due to its non-renewable nature and its tendency to end up in oceans and landfills. However, when utilized responsibly, it can be the most efficient option. In terms of strength, weight, and durability, we have yet to discover a more suitable material for our eyewear products than plastic. Renewable alternatives, while promising, often fall short in terms of strength and weight, and since the majority of our carbon footprint comes from transport, the most effective way to reduce our impact is by creating lightweight, longer lasting products. That’s why we’ll continue to create plastic products until we find an alternative that is more sustainable in the long run while remaining as effective for our products.

Play your role in mitigating carbon emissions.

As previously mentioned, to play your role in reducing carbon emissions, it is critical to purchase a few pairs of sunglasses that last longer instead of several pairs that have a shorter lifespan. Taking care of and cleaning your sunglasses regularly plays a vital role in increasing their longevity. Proper maintenance practices, such as storing them in a case when not in use and regularly cleaning the lenses and frame to eliminate sweat and debris, are essential. Failing to store them in secure locations can lead to breakage and scratches, reducing their overall longevity and requiring unnecessary product creation and transport. Our packaging is predominantly composed of 100% recyclable materials, and our sunglasses can also be recycled once they are no longer usable. We are continuously working to introduce new, more eco-friendly packaging options in the future.

Our products are made of plastic. Choose wisely, treat them well and they’ll last you a long time.


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