Our Company's Carbon Neutral Initiative

As a business involved in the creation and sale of physical products, it is impractical to attain zero emissions, as some emissions are inevitable. Nonetheless, we prioritize the reduction of avoidable emissions, some of which can be addressed quickly, while others may require more time and collaboration. Nevertheless, we take responsibility for all emissions resulting from our operations and supply chain.

Streamlined Business Practices and Products

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our business practices, which are streamlined to reduce our environmental impact. From utilizing renewable energy to implementing recycling initiatives, to promoting active commuting and conducting virtual meetings, we believe that even small actions can have a powerful impact.

Our agile processes enable us to take quick action towards sustainability goals, such as replacing air freight with sea freight, redesigning our products and packaging to reduce weight and waste, implementing sustainable manufacturing processes, and sourcing materials with lower carbon emissions for our product range.

Climate Solutions with Ecologi

To celebrate Earth Month 2023, we have teamed up with Ecologi, a leading organization in the climate action field. Our collaboration aims to inspire individuals to make a significant difference to the environment by supporting critical climate and tree-planting initiatives worldwide. As part of this partnership, we pledge to plant a tree for every order made through our website. While we provide the funding, Ecologi ensures that the tree is planted responsibly by identifying the appropriate project organization.

Trees are vital in reducing CO2 emissions, which makes them powerful climate champions even from the time of planting. Furthermore, they contribute to the restoration of healthy ecosystems, leading to additional carbon sequestration and storage in soils and plant biomass. By planting trees, we also support biodiversity, which is crucial for a sustainable future.

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